Territory of Allerona

Porta Sole Allerona

ALLERONA, is a picturesque hill town dating back to the Roman time. They are numerous archaelogical sites nearby, such as part of the old Via Cassia (between Ficulle and Orvieto) and roadside milestones, bearing latin inscriptions about the Via Traiana Nuova.

Remains of the feudal castle of Allerona include the ruins of the old city walls, the two gates-known as "del Sole" and "della Luna" and the old town quarter.
Dating from the twelfth century, the old castle church stands at the highest point in the town. It has paintings in the apse by Arturo Viligiardi from Siena (1896).

Nearby is the "Madonna dell'Acqua", a small octagonal church probably designed by San Gallo at the beginning of the eighteenth century, but built on the site of a fifteenth century chapel and near a spring thought to have miraculous powers.

Villalba and Selva di Meana, boardering Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, are the two most interesting areas for visitors. The farmer has a well-equipped public park, while, in the latter, you can visit the state-owned "Villa Cahen", an art-Nouveau style villa.