1st Dicember - Saint Isidoro Festival in Allerona

Festa Sant'Isidoro

Allerona's most characteristic festival is that of St. Isidoro, patron saint of the countryside, which is held on the third Sunday in May.

There is a historical procession, with people dressed in nineteenth century costume and presenting the well-known "Pugnaloni". This consists of small floats representing allegorical scenes of rural life.

There is a street market every Wednesday in Allerona, selling the best freshest of local produce.

Trekking excursions are possible from March to September.
The ring of Allerona trail provides visitors with the chance of coming into close contact an unspoilt and protected area, close to the border with Lazio and Tuscany. The area is about 700 metres above sea level.

The trail starts and finishes in the Villalba Park, which in summer is well-equipped with eating facilities and picnic areas.

In July and August art exhibitions are shown in the in the cellars of the old town.
The "Sounds of Villalba Festival" and the national "Star of Gold" theatre festival are both held here in August.